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Track Driving is Fun and it Can Make You a Safer Driver

Track Driving is Fun and it Can Make You a Safer Driver

By: Faisal Jaffery | Jan 31, 2009 | 399 words | 176 views
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How’s this for sobering statistics? The Emirates Motor Sports Federation, at the start of its “Think before you drive” road safety campaign, revealed that in Dubai one person dies every 36 hours. During 2005 there were 236 fatalities from a staggering 207,000 accidents. This also suggests that every fifth person that lives here was involved in a road mishap. But that’s nothing. The entire population of this city is out numbered by the world wide estimate for annual road related deaths-3000 peoples per day. The financial types amongst you will be aghast to learn that global cost of traffic injuries costs $518 billion a year. And third world leaders should swallow hard before they read the following:

The cost to low and middle income countries is $65 billion- that is more than all the incoming development aid. It’s getting worst. Between 2000-2020 global road traffic fatalities are expected to increase by 67%. I am not about to get sanctimonious on you. Speed doesn’t kill. It’s the idiots behind the wheel who do that. Saving life is not always about slowing down, its about being sensible and it start with the simplest things –wearing your seat belts can increase chance of surviving a crash by upto 60%. In the last 25 years it’s reckoned that just strapping in has saved 300000 lives. However belts, airbags, ABS, traction control, passenger cells and all other safety and driving aids don’t make you infallible. It would be imprudent to let these devices lull you into the false sense of safety. There is not substitute for being attentive, alert and aware. It is often say that the best in car safety feature would be a killer spike placed in the middle of your steering wheel. Then comes driving skills be honest as much as we would like to think it, we are not all Herr Schumacher. But that’s not to say we could not improve. Happily we now have motor racing circuits in our region and these generally tend to offer advance driving titutation. Granted, track driving is very difficult to road driving, but there are synergies from seating position to car control to simply taking the whole act of driving seriously. As I discovered the places like the Autodrome enable you to identify that commonality, whilst having a real hoot. I will certainly be back for more driver training perhaps I will see you there.

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Faisal Abbas is the CEO and co founder of which is one of the top market place for sale and purchase of used cars in Pakistan

Track Driving is Fun and it Can Make You a Safer Driver

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