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Car Antenna - How Much do You Learn about Car Antennas?

Car Antenna - How Much do You Learn about Car Antennas?

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Car Antenna - How Much do You Learn about Car Antennas?
Abstract: Antenna is a device used to transmit radio or television signals. An antenna basically converts electromagnetic radiation into electric current or the other way around aerial, it has brought about a revolution in the field of communication and technology, especially in the mobile satellite market. The application of antenna in automotive industry is what called car antenna. In today's automotive aftermarket, car antenna are becoming more and more popular, and has also gradually become a necessary auto electronic for car owners.

A car antenna is designed to receive broadcast signals coming from transmitters located in close proximity to the car. It decodes these signals and turns them into sounds and images for radio and television. Some models, though, are used as secondary receivers to improve the reception that pre-installed antennas can provide. Generally, they are omni-directional, meaning they can receive and transmit in all directions. You may mount them inside your car TV set or radio according to what you prefer to.

Many types of antennas are available in the market and they are categorized in many different ways. It is also possible that a single aerial can both transmit and receive signals. Generally transmitting aerials handle a good amount of electrical energy than receiving antennas. Antennas are used widely in radio, television, radio detection and ranging systems. They transmit and receive a variety of frequencies and are classified accordingly. The basic types are: the external antenna and the car internal antenna.

External antennas, as the name implies, are installed on the outer part of the car such as on the hood, the rear or the roof of the car. They are usually pole-mounted with a telescoping fiberglass or metal pole attached to a stationary base. Although many external antennas are omni-directional, they can also be tilted in the general direction of a radio signal to obtain better reception. But compared to the internal models, external antennas are more susceptible to physical interference and damage. Don't want to have a salient point on your car, a car internal antenna may be a good choice. It can be installed on the trunk, the deck inside the vehicle or the windshield. Some models can also power other devices such as mobile phones but there are products that are specifically made only for radios or car TV sets. There are also internal car antennas that can amplify low frequency gadgets to improve reception. Some people take to installing several internal antennas to achieve better reception for their devices.

When shopping for the right antenna, many people prefer to buy car internal antenna simply because it doesn't affect the aesthetic appeal of the vehicle. But more than aesthetics, remember to consider the frequency bands that an antenna can support, and whether it can get consistently strong reception. More complete information on car antenna is available at Autodvdgps. As car owners' first choice, autodvdgps always offers its consumers numerous and varied car electronics, car accessories, auto tools etc, of course all products are high quality at reasonable prices.


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Car Antenna - How Much do You Learn about Car Antennas?

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