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Be Cool in a Honda Jazz

Be Cool in a Honda Jazz

By: L Riley | Mar 27, 2010 | 304 words | 237 views
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It's taken a while, but Honda have finally shaken off their image as the preserve of the cautious old duffer (and let's face it, what's wrong with choosing a car that's renowned for reliability and safety?). Now there are a variety of sprightly models tootling about the highways and byways, leaving mouths agape in their wake thanks to rather gorgeous styling and completely revamped bodywork that stands up to the competition.

But some things never change, and Honda are stuck in their ways in one respect; they will never make a car that is anything less than reliable. And for this we should be thankful, because despite all the ribbing that Honda drivers have had to endure there would be uproar if the Japanese powerhouse suddenly started churning out vehicles that were all style and no substance. Instead Honda have managed to marry the two, and with remarkable results.

The new Civic runs rings around other executive models, and the Accord has the monopoly on a model that will suit the family or commuter with impressive versatility. But when it comes to the supermini market Honda have really surpassed themselves!

The Honda Jazz is a triumph, a dinky little car that's an absolute delight in every conceivable way. Whether you're tackling the urban jungle or looking to cut a dash on the motorway the little Jazz is an eager vehicle that takes on any scenario with plenty of pizzazz. The handling is excellent, evocative of a bigger car, and there's plenty of punch in the range of engine options. The economical factors of a Jazz are one of the big selling points alongside the ease with which you'll be able to park in even the more meagre spaces.

If you're on the hunt for a small car that's got what it takes to make every journey an enjoyable experience, the Honda Jazz is an excellent choice.

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L Riley thinks that Honda are finally cool again thanks to the Honda Jazz

Be Cool in a Honda Jazz

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