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2005 Audi Rs 4

2005 Audi Rs 4

By: Jamie Vanderhorst | Mar 26, 2010 | 510 words | 504 views
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The Audi RS 4 is the top of the line car in the A 4 stable of cars. This model was designed from the ground up and it shows in comfort and performance. Many technical improvements gives the RS 4 a unique look and feel which includes high speed engine concept, new FSI technology and the latest generation of quattro four wheel drive system. With All these reasons and more make the 2005 Audi RS 4 for sale a great bargains for the money.

Starting with the engine, the RS4 has a maximum output of 420 hp. The engine is a V8 and is capable of reaching 8250 RPM. The displacement of the engine is or the engine can surpass the 100hp per liter barrier. The best thing about the engine is perhaps that you can get 90 percent of the engines torque capability between 2250 and 7600 rpm. This translates to great pulling capability without having to frequently change gears. Another great feature is the FSI fuel injection system; with this system the input of fuel into the engine is even more efficient and effective which yields to better combustion and power.

For 25 years Audi's mantra for better handling has been "quarto". And with the years gone by they have steadily improved it, giving Audi's their legendary handling and safety reputation. The RS 4's for sale today are no different. It has an asymmetric torque distribution and a self locking Torsen center differential. With this system the RS 4 is capable of giving traction in situations where other cars would reach or surpass their limits. Another area that has also been improved is the braking system. The system has been made larger by adding larger brake discs in the front (14.4 in) in the front and slightly smaller ones in the back. Another area of focus was on weight reduction, this was achieved by using alloys and aluminum wherever possible. The net weight savings came to almost 10 kg.

The body of the RS 4 has been made to be lower compared to some previous models. In short the modifications made to the body are done with both functionality and looks in mind and achieves both in ample measure. The grill is of honey comb design and there are new air intakes. The wheels are new designs made specifically for the RS 4, and there is a discreet spoiler also, all this makes the RS 4 distinctly different from the A4. The inside of the car combines the straight forwardness of a sports car coupled with the luxury associated with Audi's. The materials most used for the interior are carbon, aluminum and leather. The bucket seats with high sides give very good support for the driver and the passenger. The nice feature of these seats is the capability to control the size and shape with a press of a button; this will make the seats suit the person's anatomy better. All said and done you can't go wrong if you're looking into purchasing an Audi RS 4 that's for sale.

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Jamie Vanderhorst has been covering the auto industry for the last 10 years, working as a professional automotive writer. One of his favorite cars is the Audi RS4. View his favorite used cars for sale here.

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